Transfer File on offline Cisoo Router

I have a remote unactive (it has no config) cisco router, attached to the pc with console only. PC is online through other cisco router. I was wondering is there any way I can transfer file (config) from that pc to the unactive router. I have config sitting on the remote PC's haard drive. Unactive router and PC are ONLY connected through console cable !!!!!
As if I connect the unactive router to pc with ethernet and use TFTP, then I will loose connection to the PC (haev only one NIC in pc), as it's remote site.

* Configuring the router with console (hyper terminal) is my last resort.

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xmodem is an option as described above...............
but if it is just config, just go in to configuration mode, then copy/paste the contents of the config file (couple of pages at a time)
Not that x-modem is difficult, but this is so much simpler.

You will use hyperterm orsimilar for either method.
ffleismaSenior Network EngineerCommented:
you can try using xmodem. heres an example of IOS upgrade using xmodem

basically what will happen is that the data will be sent thru the console port, do note that this will be slow and will take more time than normal tftp or ftp.
ffleismaSenior Network EngineerCommented:
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You can use Hypterterm feature to "send file" and select Xmodem
Open hyperterm console session with router:
router#config t
 <now use the Send file feature, select the existing text config file and push it>
Watch the magic!

Order TFTP the config to a text file, open it, and paste it into the consoled router.
tech1guyAuthor Commented:
I have config saved on local hdd NOT as .txt file. I made the config on other cisco router and saved it as runningconfig, so I want to bring that file into flash/running config of unactive router. i tried the Send file option on the hyperterminal, but its keep saying connection timed out.
open the file with notepad or similar.
It is a text file even though it doesn't have that extension
notepad will muck up the formatting.  wordpad does a good job.
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