Can I sell used Verizon mobile broadband cards?

I have a number of used Verizon Wireless mobile broadband cards - models PC5750, V740. and XU870.

All cards have been upgraded to other models.

I am not familiar with jailbreaking, etc.  I would like to try to sell these used cards.  Is there anything I must do to make them "sellable"?  
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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Yes, you can. They can be re-provisioned by another user, so long as the user sets up a data plan with Verizon. I don't know if they can be set up to work on another network, but certainly they would still work with Verizon. I don't know what you might get for them, but you could try searching eBay's recently sold items.

Be sure to provide the buyer with an adequate receipt showing that you were the original owner and had the right to sell them (Verizon won't re-provision a card that appears to be stolen, and they know who originally had the account for any given card with them).

I concur... it's no different than selling your old phone.
You bought and paid-for it, even if Verizon subsidized the cost in exchange for signing you to a minimum-time contract.
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