Errror: "Hyper-V cannot be installed" when trying to add Hyper-V role on a virtual server with Server 2008 Enterprise R2.

See attachment. My server is a VM. In the VM settings, I had switched the virtualization engine to "Intel VT-x or AMD-V", and also switched the guest operating system to "Windows Server 2008 R2 x64" in the VM settings. If the Hyper-V role will not work on a VM, will it work on my physical server? My physical server is model: HP Proliant DL360 G4. I run my virtual server using VMware Workstation v.7.

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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
It is not going to work.  Hyper V requires Intel VT on th processor.  

1.  The DL360 G4 does not support Intel VT on the CPU which means that you wouldn't be able to install on physical hardware either
2.  You cannot pass Intel VT inside of a VM, you can only do 32 bit virtual machines.

The DL380 G4 supports EMT 64 which means that you can have a 64 bit OS such as ESXi or Windows 2008 R2 but you can't have 64 bit virtual machines.  

If you have a 64 bit OS even with Intel VT and then vmware workstation and an OS inside of it then it wouldn't pass Intel VT down to it (can't do it two levels deep) This would allow you to do only 32 bit VMs

Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
You must enabled Intel-VT in the Server System BIOS.

Also you cannot run nested 64bit Hypervisors.

e.g. a Hypervisor within a Hypervisor.

So trying to install Hyper-V on Win2k8 R2 inside VMware Workstation 7.0 will not operate.

Either install Win2k8 R2 and Hyper-V on the host server, or use VMware ESXi.
Bill LouthSystem EngineerCommented:
>My physical server is model: HP Proliant DL360 G4. I run my virtual server using VMware Workstation v.7.
>If the Hyper-V role will not work on a VM, will it work on my physical server?

Here's an HP compatiblity matrix with info about your DL380 G4 server

I'd recommend the following scenario:
 - Install the Hyper-V role direct on your physical server.  I didn't see the OS version of your physical server, however.  Windows 2008 [R2] Standard includes 1 bundled OS license to run virtual.  You can verify with HP what BIOS virtualization switches there are for the DL380.
 - Run all of your virtual machines inside of the Hyper-V host physical server.

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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
@TSGITDEPT:  The install of Windows 2008R2 and Intel VT are two different things

1.  You can install Windows 2008R2 on the DL380 G4 - The CPUs are 64 bit due to EMT64
2.  You CANNOT install Hyper-V - the CPUs do not have Intel VT

It's a no starter.

The CPUs supported in a DL380 G4 are as follows: None of them support Intel VT which is a hard requirement for Hyper V

One of the following depending on Model Intel Xeon Processor 3.0 GHz/800MHz-2MB L2
Dual-core Intel Xeon Processor 2.8 GHz/800MHz-2x2MB L2
NOTE: This kit is not backwards compatible, existing systems cannot be upgraded.
Intel Xeon Processor 3.2 GHz/800MHz-2MB L2
Intel Xeon Processor 3.4 GHz/800MHz-2MB L2
Intel Xeon Processor 3.6 GHz/800MHz-2MB L2

Keep in mind EMT64 bit and Intel VT are mutually exclusive features on a CPU.

kalian31Author Commented:
OK, now I am completely confused. Half of you on this thread said that the DL380 G4 has the capability of being a physical server host to deploy virtual servers using the Hyper-V feature, or can be used as an ESX host. Then paulsolov, said that this server will not do. By the way, is Genius ranking members more of a higher rank than Master ranking in expert-exchange?
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Ranking doesn't mean too much, it depends on your knowledge of the subject.  I have worked with 100's of G4 servers and know them inside out so I can tell you from personal experience.  Below is a list of requirements for Hyper V.  If you notice Intel VT is listed as one of them.  Now..take a look at the Xeon Processors that go into the DL380 G4 listed above and get the specs from you will notice that none of them include Intel VT whicih makes it a dealbreaker

The line to look at is: Processor: x64 compatible processor with Intel VT or AMD-V technology enabled.   Your CPU has x64 but not Intel VT or AMD-V, end of story and no use in beating a dead horse.

Supported Operating Systems: A list of supported guest operating systems can be found here.

Processor: x64 compatible processor with Intel VT or AMD-V technology enabled.
Hardware Data Execution Prevention (DEP), specifically Intel XD bit (execute disable bit) or AMD NX bit (no execute bit), must be available and enabled.

Minimum CPU speed: 1.4 GHz; Recommended: 2 GHz or faster.

RAM: Minimum: 1 GB RAM; Recommended: 2 GB RAM or greater (additional RAM is required for each running guest operating system); Maximum 1 TB.

Available disk space: Minimum: 8 GB; Recommended: 20 GB or greater (additional disk space needed for each guest operating system).

DVD ROM drive

Display: Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher resolution monitor.

Other: Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.
Note: The actual system requirements will vary based on your system configuration and hosted guest operating systems.
kalian31Author Commented:

you seem to have great knowledge in this subject. If the DL380 G4 is not a VT capable server, please let me know what is. My budget is $400 or less. Preferred server: HP Proliant, new or used. Thanks.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
I can tell you what I have running in my lab at home (which is why I know a little bit about it)

The cheapest is a DL320 G5 with SATA Drives. Keep in mind that the software raid does not work off the motherboard in ESXi, to get real raid you will need to get a smart array card such as a E200 and a cable conversion kit (about $100 total).  The unit comes with cheaper ram so you can upgrade to max. 8GB ram fairly cheap (under $100).

Check this out


seems like a decent unit, you just need more memory and perhaps a raid card (raid controller on mobo is only Sata 150 but works fine for most labs) around $500-$600 will get you a server, 8GB RAM and a decent controller for a little more.  I.  You can also get off the shelf 500GB SATA drives and use them as well (no hot plug but for lab it's perfect) RAM, not too bad.

A more robust option is a DL360 G5 but the drives are way more expensive and as well as memory.  The good new is that it can go up to 64GB RAM and has a real raid controller as well faster SAS or SATA 2.5 drives.

I run VMWare vSpehre on these with a few Netapps but they should work for windows 2008r2 server as well.  You will need to install direct on hardware, you will not be able to install on vmware workstation as Intel VT can't transverse nested hardware

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kalian31Author Commented:
Ok, lets not talk about Hyper-V anymore. I have decided to train myself with the evaluation copy of VMware vSphere 4, so will the HP Proliant DL380 G4 SAS server be sufficient enough to host 64-bit VMs? Also, what is the ball-park price for this server (used)? Please give me a range. I got a quote for $500.

See quote below:

I have some HP DL380 G4, they are 64bit that support HT not VT, I am in need of some money, I can let you below with 4GB RAM for $500 cash. let me know.  Thanks

2 x 2.0 Ghz Intel Xeon 5130 64 bit with VT support ( total 4 cores, 2 physical processors dual core each )
4GB DD2 Fully Buffered Memory
2 x 146 GB SAS 3.5' Hotswap HDD
DVD rom
Single power supply
2 NIC giga bit.
Built in RAID.

Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Unfortunately, the HP DL360 and DL380 G4 do not support Intel VT. They have a 64 bit processor, which may run ESXi 4.1 (mixed reports on this!), they can run 64 bit operating systems on the bare metal, BUT the HP DL360 and DL380 G4 will not allow you to run 64 bit VMs in ESXi 4.1, 32bit VMs only I'm afraid. Because ESXi 4.1 requires Intel VT to be enabled in the BIOS and G4 does not have Intel-VT.

In the UK, the DL360/DL380 G4 are worthless scrap! Sellers get more money, selling the redundant fans, VRMS, processors, that a total server. Similiar spec in the UK, but with 8GB RAM, Dual 3.6GHz processors, no discs, dual power supplies £40 GBP!

So that sounds expensive, stay clear of that bargain!

A HP DL385/DL585 would be a better choice, 385/585 use AMD chips, 64 bit, run all versions of ESX/ESXi up to 4.1 U1 with no issues (other than HP Hardware Management - but that's not an issue!).

So get a quote on one of those, but maybe a bit pricey, because people know they can run ESXi 4.1 U1, although not on the HCL! but G4s scrap!
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