How do I transfer this code from SQL to Linq in C sharp?

I have really tried hard to get it working but I cant find the correct way to implement it in c sharp by using Linq.


SELECT Aktie.Papirnavn, Portfolio.Antal, Dagskurs.Dagskurs, Sum([Antal]*[Dagskurs]) AS Værdi
FROM (Aktie INNER JOIN Portfolio ON Aktie.Fondskode = Portfolio.Fondskode) INNER JOIN Dagskurs ON Portfolio.Fondskode = Dagskurs.Fondskode
GROUP BY Aktie.Papirnavn, Portfolio.Antal, Dagskurs.Dagskurs, Portfolio.PortfID
HAVING (((Portfolio.PortfID)="Forsigtig"));

I tried to implement some but when I try to "translate" from the pieces I read on different sites I just get tons of errors I cant understand. I got this working in a buttonclick:

            DataClasses1DataContext xxx = new DataClasses1DataContext();
            var pa = from Aktie in xxx.Akties
            join Portfolio in xxx.Portfolios on Aktie.Fondskode equals Portfolio.Fondskode
            select new {Aktie.Papirnavn, Portfolio.Antal};

            dataGridView1.DataSource = pa;

But when I try to get it more advanced i get stuck.
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Hans_ChristianAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestion. However  that didnt work. Program says:

SQL cannot be converted to LINQ: SQL with sub join cannot be converted to LINQ??

This is getting annoying.
Hans_ChristianAuthor Commented:
There must be someone out there able to translate 5 lines of SQL code to Linq C-sharp?!
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Bob LearnedCommented:
SQL to LINQ is not always an easy transition.  You need to combine multiple samples to get what you need.

Group By:

List<Product> products = GetProductList();
    var categories =
        from p in products
        group p by p.Category into g
        select new { Category = g.Key, MostExpensivePrice = g.Max(p => p.UnitPrice) };

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Inner Join

List<Product> products = GetProductList();
    var soldOutProducts =
        from p in products
        where p.UnitsInStock == 0
        select p;

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Hans_ChristianAuthor Commented:
The Learned One: Thanks for your response. Havent been able to respond yet. I havent tried your solution but ill look at it soon. I found a way to do it my self also that works:

DataClasses1DataContext xxx = new DataClasses1DataContext();
            var yy = from Aktie in xxx.Akties
                     join Portfolio in xxx.Portfolios
                         on Aktie.Fondskode equals Portfolio.Fondskode into Portfolios
                     from Portfolio in Portfolios
                     where Portfolio.PortfID == comboBox1.Text 
                     join Dagskur in xxx.Dagskurs on Portfolio.Fondskode equals Dagskur.Fondskode
                     select new { Aktie.Papirnavn, Portfolio.Antal, Dagskur.Dagskurs, Værdi = Portfolio.Antal  * Convert.ToInt32(Dagskur.Dagskurs)};

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Hans_ChristianAuthor Commented:
Havent tried it.
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