hidden field in jsp (spring roo)

I've created a field userId with spring roo framework. Now I want to hide this field on the jsp page. I have tried deleting spring generated code:                  
<field:input field="userId" id="c_com_dissertation_webtools_domain_Url_userId" validationMessageCode="field_invalid_integer" z="KeVnrGsJtpnU4kdnD+Ot6x+x/NE="/>

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and put:
<input name="userId" type="hidden" value="${uid}"/>

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instead, but roo generates deleted code again. How can I fix it?
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remove the z="" in the input field line.  Roo will not regenerate the field.  Add render="false" as well.

static86Author Commented:
thanks, that works.
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