Transfer Browser Favourites from PC to PC

Hi Experts
I am replacing my old Lenovo T61 with T410, I need to transfer my Brower Favourites, that is
IE, Mozila. Safari.
Please help me the best way to transfer to model on my new laptop
MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAsked:
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on mozilla firefox, you can choose menu Bookmarks, - Organize Bookmarks - Import and Backup - Backup (to JSON format)

Later in new machine, you can choose Bookmarks, - Organize Bookmarks - Import and Backup - Restore - Choose JSON file that created in backup process.

same thing goes to other browsers i think.

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IE you can just backup the favourites folder...
press "START" & "R" to get the run box. then type "favorites" with out quotes to open the folder...copy everything in there to a usb and transfer to new pc doing the same process to get favourites folder to open.

Firefox as mentioned by first replier, Safari I dont know about but I imagine it is similar to firefox.

If you install Xmarks you can sync your bookmarks across multiple browser without having to do anything.
Xmarks works with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari on Mac OS

Export bookmarks manually with internal features of the browser is possible, of course, but you may hav some redundant folders and links once restored. Using Xmarks is a lot easier.
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MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Ok Cianox.
That's sound more easier to me but Will it do automatically for all browser or If I need to tell it for each browser, then how?  And later on If I need to update on  favourites on new machine , what I need to do. I am just asking If you played around it already.
MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
So following Psyadi  suggestion , I think atleast I got IE favourites on my USB,  and following wuyinzhi, seems I got .json file for favourites of mozilla fire fox, but still I can't sort out safari broswer favourites. could anyone please help me with safari favourites.

Xmarts got Safari favourites Syn tool, but I think not available for XP. Is there any tool to sync safari favourites on XP OS.

I don't remember if Xmarks is available for the Windows version of Safari, maybe only for the Mac vers, but not sure.
Anyway the only thing you have to do with Xmarks is to create an account, install it (it's an extension / addon of the browser) and then log in once. Do this in all of your browsers (the account creation can be done during install, once).

After that you don't have to do nothing, just use any of your browsers and all changes you do with your bookmarks (and passwords too if you want), like adding, moving, deleting, changing, will be automatically updated in the other browsers the next time you will use them.
MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi wuyinzhi I do not see menu Bookmarks, - Organize Bookmarks - Import and Backup - Backup (to JSON format)  under Bookmarks of Moziall Firefox 4.0

Could you please advise what's the procedure to restore .json file in mozialla firefox 4.0

Please advise.

MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
hi wuyinzhi.. sorry I just found in mozialla firefox 4.0 the restore option that is under " Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks > Import and Backup>Restore>Chose file> "

Thanks I am done now.. thanks for help all u guys..
MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
I haven't got solution for safari browser but got solution for IE & Mozilla browser.
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