How to rename DC?

This is a MS Windows 2003-based AD domain. There are 3 DCs - AD01, AD02, and DC03. AD01 is the first DC of the forest, and it was using a pretty old system. Due to this reason, we want to migrate AD01 onto new system. I setup a DC, named it DC04 on new system. How can I rename this DC04 as AD01 with IP, and let DC04 takes over role of AD01.

On top of these, there are 2nd AD site with on DC named AD03. Will it be any impact on this DC and site?
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The process is straight forward andwell documented here:

Follow the above if you have the DC04 already promoted as a Domain Controller, else transfer all the fsmo roles from AD01 to any ADC in the domain and ensure you have a GC as well.

Demote it and remove it from AD. Check via metadata cleanup for any remanant listing.
Rename the "member server" DC04 to Ad01 and promote it. It will create the varios entries in AD and update the necessary SPN's.  Also, the DNS SRV records woudl be updated.

Once you have the "new" AD01 up and running transfer the fsmo roles back on to this server!

Hope this helps!


    Take a deep look on this article.

Hope it helps on what you are trying to acomplish.

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BalackAuthor Commented:
I think you are referring to domain rename rather than Domain controller renaming...
Hi Balack.... how did the process go???
BalackAuthor Commented:
I'm scheduled to go onsite next week, will update you guys...
BalackAuthor Commented:
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