Questions about running vmware workstation from the command line

I have an instance of Ubuntu 10  that is running on a dedicated server through a service provider and it is only accessible remotely through a command line interface. I want to run a vmware virtual machine using workstation on that server. A couple of questions:

A) Is what I want to do even possible and should I just switch my dedicated server to windows?

B) Is what I want to do possible but will be a huge pain and I should still just switch to windows?

C) Has anyone done this and how has it worked for you?
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IanThConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you can find the vdmk file on the remote server you should be able to copy that into yout virtual machines folder in my docs but I would copy all the files where the vdmk file is as there will be a few files

what is the commandline you use on the remote server
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