an equivalent to MySQL 'Show' in SQLServer

Is there an equivalent command in Microsoft's SQLServer 2008 to the Show command in MySQL?
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Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
There is no direct equivalent.  SHOW is a metadata command in MySQL that, if pushed for an answer, be best related to a combination of the sys schema objects, Dynamic Management Views, and DBCC commands in SQL Server 2005 and above.  That is not even a close approximation for equivalent functionality.

Some examples

SHOW DATABASES -> select .. from master.sys.databases
SHOW COLUMNS -> select .. from information_schema.columns (ANSI alternative to "from sys.columns")

In some cases, other custom solutions are required, such as SQL Server

sp_lock - show lock information
sp_who - processes (or go to master.dbo.sysprocesses)
select * from fn_helpcollations() - SHOW collation

In other cases, the SHOW command is MySQL specific relating to its engine or way of doing things

SHOW MUTEX STATUS -- innodb mutex stats
SHOW WARNINGS -- there are uncommon SQL Server methods to read the log file for the last entry

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makingitbigAuthor Commented:
It seems this is the best one can get with the lack of a 'ShOW' command in MSSQL.  Has anyone written an 'add-on' to mimic SHOW or is that even possible with a proprietary implementation of SQL?
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