How to trim cells in MS Excel 2007 column

Hello experts,

I have a column with 1000 rows, which contains the data in the following format:

I would like to trim it just the username, and would like to get rid of "\\servername\Profiles$\".

Please advise, as to how I can acheive this.

Thanks and regards.
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Brian GeeCommented:
Provided that all the directories listed are administrative shares ($), then a Find and Replace All of *$\ with a blank will perform this operation perfectly.
maybe you can save all the rows to text, then import/insert the text file to excel, choose "\" as separator, then you will get username in the last column.
You can use the following formula to get the username
where A1 = \\servername\Profiles$\username
Brian GeeCommented:
Like below:  

Replace All
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