Exchange 2007 Hub Server

We have 2 Exchange 2007 HubCAS server...we would like to see the message tracking in one server it is possible.
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Glen KnightCommented:
If you want to search the message tracking logs on multiple servers at the same time then you will need to use the Exchange Management Shell.

See the Searching the Message Tracking Logs for a Message on Multiple Servers by Using the Exchange Management Shell section of the following article:
no, you will have two message tracking logs, because its based on which hub server has been used to deliver the message.
To use Message Tracking, go into EMC-->Toolbox-->Message Tracking
if you are asking about how you can access the Message Tracking then yes as MegaNuk3 said: EMC-->Toolbox-->Message Tracking but you can select the server from the right side in the Actions part, click on connect to server and then select the server you want to see the tracking logs on it

if you are asking about if you can access all the message tracking logs from one server only, then no you should connect to one server by one from the same console but select connect to server in the actions section, since you have to hub role servers.
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