storing binary infomration in a Unicodestring

what is the best way, if any, to store binary information in a rad studio unicodestring? I intend to transfer this to the database to a Oracle Varchar2 field.
UnicodeString sprint;

   for(int i=0;i<pBlob->cbData ;i++)
	   //pBlob->pbData[i] = bdata[i];

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ol muserTechnology GeneralistAsked:
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I'd use some encoding. Try to google for base64, for example.
the UnicodeString has a constructor that takes an arbitrary (so also with binary data) buffer:

UnicodeString (UChar *buffer, int32_t buffLength, int32_t buffCapacity)

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however i don't see a benefit using the UnicodeString and would suggest for a std::vector instead:

std::vector<unsigned char> buffer;

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in the oracle you can't store a blob with binary data to varchar2. beside of the maximum length of 4000 the varchar2 would assume single-byte charset. for unicode string use nvarchar2. for blob data use long or long raw datataype if only one blob field in table. otherwise use blob datatype.


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