Default parameter for a generic class.


Is there a way I can give TType a default value, for example:

public interface MyInterface<TType=MyDefinedType>{

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Dirk HaestProject managerCommented:
I'm not sure if this can help you ...

Constructor Constraint
Suppose you want to instantiate a new generic object inside a generic class. The problem is the C# compiler does not know whether the type argument the client will use has a matching constructor, and it will refuse to compile the instantiation line.

To address this problem, C# allows you to constrain a generic type parameter such that it must support a public default constructor. This is done using the new() constraint. For example, here is a different way of implementing the default constructor of the generic Node <K,T> from Code block 3.

class Node<K,T> where T : new()
   public K Key;
   public T Item;
   public Node<K,T> NextNode;
   public Node()
      Key      = default(K);
      Item     = new T();
      NextNode = null;
You can combine the constructor constraint with derivation constraint, provided the constructor constraint appears last in the constraint list:

public class LinkedList<K,T> where K : IComparable<K>,new()

Source: An Introduction to C# Generics

default Keyword in Generic Code (C# Programming Guide)
Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
Hi Dhaest,

Thanks for the comment - unfortunately I don't think that's quite what I'm after. I'm simply wanting to make it so when I use an interface I don't have to specify TType and let it default to something.

Asim NazirProject ManagerCommented:

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Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
Thank you. :)
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