Auditing and reporting of AD for Sarbanes Oxley compliance


I have the task to look at auditing and reporting on the following processes. It all needs to be documented with interal step by step processes. Fun huh?

I need to document the process involved in creating users, managing roles, groups, adding & removing users, password complexity etc...etc.. and all the other details.

Auditing and reporting on MSSQL databases is also required;-(

This is all for a small company that must be compliant.

I have been looking at even automating this as reports will need to be produced. So far script logic has some software although have no idea if its even useful.

The question is: Can anyone recommend software that can automate the auditing tracking and reporting? Furthermore, does anyone have any links to good documentation they have used. I don't need someone googling hundreds of links and sending them to me. I've already done some reasearch this way. I was hoping that someone who has had to the same can provide me with expert advice or point me to some expert advice.
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sshah254Commented: - they have all the necessary documentation just for compliance.

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