Secure file transfer of data from clients to our server. c# encryption transfer?

I need to find a way to transfer securely files from clients sites. I have looked at Sharefile and it functionality looks good. The only issue is I really need our own. Possibly using some C# code or a web interface the can upload security using their email address and password we register?

If there is software that alreay does this I would really like to know?

If there is some managed code (happy to purchase) that does this can you recommend it?
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I know you asked about C# managed code but as an alternative have you considered SFTP?

We use SFTP for allowing clients to upload and download files to our site. Clients use FileZilla for making these transfers.

Some useful links:

IF you need to roll your own communications you could combine it with SFTP with for example Granados (open source SSH library for .NET)

Also have look at this thread:
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