MS Access 2007 Run Time Error

I am working on a rather simple application in MS Access 2007.  When deploying the application as a package created with the deployment wizard included with MS Access I get the following error message from the application when running under the run time system.  Error: Run Time Error - "Execution has stopped due to a run-time error."  No further information is presented.  Any suggestions?

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There must be a syntax error in the program. Go to 'Database Tools' > 'Visual Basic' and from the VBA editor window go to Debug menu and select first option = 'Compile'.

It will show all the errors you will have, rectify them and try again.

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If you have complied the code that you have written (assuming you have written your own code), then it is likely a corruption on a form.  In order to rectify you need to find the errant form - difficult, then create a new DB and import all elements into the new DB, slowly and try to create the deployment package - I usually do forms first, tehn reports, then queries and so on.
You may not have a compile-time error, but a run-time error, which is an error than only shows itself when you run your application. As mentioned on the following page from Microsoft, the runtime dialog box for these errors is different and does not give much good information. You will need to run full Access on that machine or an identical environment to catch and debug the error, unless you change your code to include more error trapping.

See the "Error Handling" section of this page:

And further general information is at:
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Boyd (HiTechCoach) Trimmell, Microsoft Access MVPDesigner and DeveloperCommented:
When using the Access Runtime with a accdb you must have rock solid and complete error handling for run time errors.

To find the error you will need to add error trapping code to identify the error and display a message.. I like to also log the errors

Is your database split and the front end compiled into a ACCDE?

Boyd (HiTechCoach) Trimmell, Microsoft Access MVPDesigner and DeveloperCommented:
TIP:  Rename your .accdb or .accde to a .accdr. When you open the database it will force Access into runtime mode so you can try to recreate the issue.
jimmurchAuthor Commented:
Tried this.  Got a clean compile under regular Access but still had general error message under run time.  Have since found my problem.
So, what was the fix - so we can all learn!
jimmurchAuthor Commented:
The problem was my mistake.  I did not realize that the run time version generated such a limited error message.  Normally I run under the development system and do not use the run time system.

I did have error checking in my routines but in error I had deleted the last few lines in the subroutine on which I was working.  This included deleting the error checking code and the 'end sub' statement.  Apparently VBA did not find an end sub before dropping into the next subroutine.  Foolish me!
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