Exchange 2010 - Linked Account, POP3 logon failure

We have an Exchange 2010 mail system, in a resource forest, there are some legacy clients which will not support Outlook/MAPI or OWA, so we need to configure POP3 access,

I have done some testing and if I create a user account and mailbox in the resource forest. Then I can POP3 to the mailbox and collect any mail, but when using a linked mailbox account I get "Unknown user name or bad password"

I have tried entering the username as domain\username, resourcedomain\username, upn, primary smtp address it just doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas?
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Glen KnightCommented:
I've just tried this myself and it does not work, I have tried every combination I can think of.
I can only suggest that POP3 collection is depricated or not supported on linked mailboxes.
NQMidsAuthor Commented:
This should probably be a 500, upped accordingly.
NQMidsAuthor Commented:
I thought the same myself.

Thanks for testing it. If I don't get a solution in the next 24 hours, I'll assign you the points.
Glen KnightCommented:
No worries, I am still trying but I cannot get it to work.
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