manipulating list arrays c#

I have a text file comprising two columns, separated by a '/'.
The first column reads the source name and location of a file eg c:\test\test.txt
The second column reads that files intended destination eg E:\test\test.txt
The columns number about 100 items - the second column always aligns with the first (it is derived from the first).
I am trying to write a program that copies the file referred to in the first column to the destination referred to in the second.
I have got the file to read as a list array - but am stumped as how to read each line of the list, copying from the source to the destination.
Does anybody have any experience of this? I have come across 'split' but this does not seem to do what I want - or am I missing something?!

Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAsked:
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
           String s = "c:\test\test.txt/e:\test\test.txt";
            String[] sSplit = s.Split('/');
            String sLeft = sSplit[0];
            String sRight = sSplit[1];

sLeft is c:\test\test.txt
sRight is e:\test\test.txt

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Asim NazirProject ManagerCommented:

You can read full file line-by-line.
On reading each line you will get Path1/Path2.
At this, you can use split method and this will give you source and target paths.
You can do desired operation at this point and continue this process by reading next line. Let me know if you need some code. I hope this will do.

Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAuthor Commented:
Thanks To you both!
I am  a little stuck on reading the contents of the file to a string ; or converting the String List array to a string. Could you perhaps point me in the right direction?
Then I guess a foreach loop through each line, copying from sLeft to sRight?
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Asim NazirProject ManagerCommented:
Asim NazirProject ManagerCommented:
Updated code from same url:
private void ProcessTxt()
            string filePath = @"c:\Temp.txt";
            string line;

            if (File.Exists(filePath))
                StreamReader file = null;
                    file = new StreamReader(filePath);
                    while ((line = file.ReadLine()) != null)

                        string[] lineData = line.Split("/".ToCharArray());
                    if (file != null)

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Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you both!
Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAuthor Commented:
Azim: I gave the points before I got your response., basically because AndyAinscrow provided code.
Apologies; had I seen this I would have reversed the allocation. Thank you very much for your help.
Asim NazirProject ManagerCommented:
You can request a split of points :)
But np, thanks anways.
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