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I have one SBS Standard Edition 2008 server running Exchange, WSUS etc...etc...There is a new branch office with one more in the very near future.

How to design the AD network?

I've done some minor research and you can apparently have use SBS at other branch offices as long as they are running SBS 2008 R2 Premium or 2010.

For the amount of users < 20 I don't see an issue running on one domain and having to brach offices.

Most of my experince has been with 2003 Standard AD.

Does SBS have NFS so I can replicate the files to each server?
Does the setup I have described work? e.g. 1 standard SBS 2008 with 2 x 2010 premium branch offices?
Can I have Exchange 2007 replicated to the other sites?
Would I be best to just upgrade to Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edtion?

Any design suggestions or links to documents explaining good practice scenarios would be much appreciated.

Even better would be software to easily migrate if required?
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can setup a second site within Active Directory Sites and Services, create the required site-link and then subnet (all in AD Sites and Services).

Then join a STANDARD windows Server to the domain and run DCPROMO to make it a domain controller (assuming you already have connectivity in place between the 2 sites) this will detect that it should go in to the second site and configure active directory accordingly.

You can do this for your other sites too.

There is no native NFS support in 2008 but you have DFS (Distributed File System), which you can use for replication. I would recommend you to upgrade to Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edtion.

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