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Are there any default domain accounts/domain account names that come with MS environments, AD environments? Or is every domain created given a custom/corporate name? Do MS offer any recommendations on what to call certain domain accounts, i.e. given them a prefix or suffix?
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Yes AD comes with default accounts.  The following article can help you out:

As for a naming convention, I always create accounts for my enterprise/domain admins using their standard account preceded by "admin.".
Please refer the below URL

and let us know if it address your queries.

Thank you.
pma111Author Commented:
flicked through it and did a few searches and could not see anything about default domain accounts and the default domain accounts actual name, or a naming convention that MS recommend for more powerful accounts?
pma111Author Commented:
Not sure if crossed wires.

when a new employee starts they are set up with a domain account in the format forename_surname

I was asking if AD comes with any default accounts? Or recommends a naming convention for powerful accounts such as those in enterprise admins domain admins etc
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