Netgear - wnr1000 ver 2 - restart router remotely?

I cant find anywhere to do this - is there a way
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I just had a quick look through the manual on the Netgear site and it doesnt mention it if you can.
RaneeshIT SupportCommented:
what do you mean by restart router remotely? if this routr is on some other location and you need to restart or please explain;
fcekAuthor Commented:

I can remote to this router and see all its settings.

Can I restart this router remotely?  Is there an option in the router gui which says "restart"
I don't think there is a restart option however it could be that if you update the firmware remote then it has to do a reboot after flashing to commit the new firmware.
Just a guess but i'm not sure it will restart or even let you flash the firmware remote. Else your only option is to restart manually.
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