TLS encryption using expired SSL certificate

New SBS 2003 Premium installation.  I transferred the old Verisign SSL cert from the old server and to the new server.  Setup TLS encryption for the one client that was demanding it by adding another SMTP connector.  At this point, everything was working fine, OWA came up without a certificate error, TLS worked.  Cert was due to expire so I purchased a Godaddy cert ($995 vs $30).  I installed following the step by step directions posted on the EE site.  

Per the directions, IIS Default Web Site uses the publishing.domain.local cert and the SBS Web Listener use the Godaddy cert.  OWA works fine; TLS works but if you run the email test at it will tell you that TLS is working but that it is using the Versign cert not the Godaddy cert.  

I tried using CEICW to install the Goddady cert thinking that there is something someplace that needs to be updated but get the error "specified certificate file not properly formatted"

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Cris HannaCommented:
did you install the godaddy intermediate certificate?
Have you deleted the Verisign cert?
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