windows server 2008 R2 native mode

Upgrading Windows 2003 domain to 2008 R2.  Did clean install of R2 on new server;    Ran ADPREP forestprep and domainprep on existing 2003 server OK.  added new server to existing domain OK too.

Attempted to elevate new R2 server to DC with DCPROMO.  Being stopped with message that DCPROMO no-can-do because something (don't recall what at the moment, but I think the new R2 server) is not  in "native mode"   Can't find out what that "native mode" blockage is all about.

Any clues / leads / suggestions / solutions most welcome.

Thanks,  Ron Hicks
Ronald HicksAsked:
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Darius GhassemCommented:
You need to move your forest and domain functional level to Windows 2003 server.
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
You did run the ADPREP from the 2008 installation media did you?
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Oh and use the ADPREP32.exe if they 2003 servers are 32bit.
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Darius GhassemCommented:
What is the error you are getting?

Here is an article about the number one cause when moving to R2.
Ronald HicksAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Here's the additional info.

yes, running adprep from r2 installation media.  Running on 64 bit machine which is running 64 bit 2003 and is a DC with all the FSMO roles.

Here are the error messages:

(1)   on the R2 machine that I'm trying to make a DC, I'm told to run adprep /domainprep (which I thought I'd done)

(2) running (again maybe)  adprep /domain prep on the 2003 DC, I get this

"Adprep detected that the domain is not in native mode
Adprep has stopped without making changes
[User action]
Configure the domain to run in native mode and re-run domainprep"

So, I guess my question is still, how/what to do to configure the domain to run in native mode.

For what it's worth, I have three other DCs on this domain.  
-- 1 is 32 bit hardware running 32-bit 2003 server.  This is my Exchange server, which I will be decommissioning when I get the R2 server on the domain and upgrade the current FSMO DC to R2

-- 1 is 64-bit hardware running 64-bit 2003 server.  I will be decommissioning this machine too when I get the two new R2 servers running as DCs.  This  machine is still running only because it is the only one running DNS service.  Previously it had apps and user and shared files.

-- 1 is another 64 bit machine running 64 bit 2003 server.  This has user and shared files for a suboffice.  I will be decommissioning this machine too and moving these users to the new R2 machines.  I might however keep it, up it to R2 also, and use it as my Exchange server.

Thanks again.
what are the existing forest and domain functional roles?
Ronald HicksAuthor Commented:
Dariusg:  that was it!!  It was at 2000 level.  I wonder how/why.  My 2003 servers were all clean installs.  I skipped 2000 when I left NT4.
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