Cisco 2821 Router has alot of small buffer misses

I am monitoring my network infrastructure using Solarwinds Orion.  I've been monitoring a Cisco 2821 router that I use as an edge router (Connects me to the ISP) for a couple weeks now, and notice that I am getting alot of small buffer misses.  This hour I have already recieved 296 Small Buffer Misses, and a total of 7488 small buffer misses for the day, and its only 8:19am.  I don't have any Medium, Big, Large, or Hugh buffer misses at all, just small buffer misses.  Any idea what causes these and if so is there a way to stop this from happening.  Thanks.
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denver218Author Commented:
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
You're welcome. Thx for the points :)
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