How do I fix this code to push out date 7 business days so it doesn't include Sat & Sun?

I've attached SQL code that is currently moving our Orders out by 7 days.  However, I am VERY VERY new to SQL and have no idea how to parse out weekends (Sat/Sun) to move out the Ship Date by 7 Business Days instead of the simple 7 calendar days.

Thank you very much in advance to whoever can help me out.  
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
you can use a function like the one of to find all the dates in a range and extract weekends.
wshcraft70Author Commented:
@ emoreau

THANKS!!  However, I'm sooooooooo new to this that I haven't got a clue how I'd insert this/merge this into my existing code.  I put together my existing code with crops from other codes and honesly, am surprised I got it to work..  lol

Any suggestion on how I could merge it to the attached code would be fantastic..  THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
First, you need to modify the UDF to return IDs:

ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[GetAllDates] ( @StartDate DATETIME,  @EndDate DATETIME, @SkipWeekend BIT)
RETURNS @Dates TABLE ( ID int identity(1,1), CalendarDate DateTime)

      WHILE @StartDate <= @EndDate
            IF (@SkipWeekend = 0)   OR ((@SkipWeekend = 1) AND (DATEPART(weekday, @StartDate) NOT IN (1,7)))    
                  INSERT INTO @Dates(CalendarDate)  
                  SELECT @StartDate  
            SET @StartDate = DATEADD(dd, 1, @StartDate)

Then you need to join the calendar twice. The first time to find the ID of your current date. The second time to find the ID of your date + 7.

Here is a sample:

FROM dbo.XRate AS X
left join dbo.GetAllDates('2010-11-01', '2010-11-30', 1) as AD1
on AD1.Calendardate =
left join dbo.GetAllDates('2010-11-01', '2010-11-30', 1) as AD2
on AD2.ID = AD1.ID + 7

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wshcraft70Author Commented:
My mind will totally have to work this one out!!  Thanks thought!!  It is the incorporation into my existing code that I just can't get!!  But I'm sure your solution is RIGHT ON..  Although I can read the code and know it is perfectly logical, I haven't even come close to mastering the building blocks of SQL..  Thank you very much!!
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
is this query gives you the correct request date?

select *
inner join [001]..OEORDHDR_SQL AS HDR
on HDR.Ord_No = LIN.Ord_No
And HDR.Ord_Type = LIN.Ord_Type
And rtrim(ltrim(HDR.cus_no)) = '1070'
left join dbo.GetAllDates('2011-01-01', '2011-12-31', 1) as AD1
on AD1.Calendardate = LIN.Request_Dt
left join dbo.GetAllDates('2011-01-01', '2011-12-31', 1) as AD2
on AD2.ID = AD1.ID + 7
wshcraft70Author Commented:
The above runs without error in analyser.  But since I'm doing an UPDATE and SET to the LIN in 3 different fields:  LIN.Request_Dt, LIN.Promise_Dt, LIN.Req_Ship_Dt

Would I need to set this query on each date field to UPDATE and SET?  

Also, since I want this to go on "FOREVER" theoretically...  Would I need to set the GetALLDates to be something really far in the future?  

Below is my query which works great for just adding 7 days without eliminating the weekends.  Where to insert above query???

I totally appreciate your amazing help!!!  It is people like you that help us rookies to learn!  KUDOs!!

Begin Tran
Update HDR
Set Shipping_Dt = DateAdd(d, 7,
rtrim(ltrim(HDR.cus_no)) = '1070'
Update LIN
Set Request_Dt = DateAdd(d, 7, LIN.Request_Dt),
Promise_Dt = DateAdd(d, 7, LIN.Promise_Dt),
Req_Ship_Dt = DateAdd(d, 7, LIN.Req_Ship_Dt)
Where HDR.Ord_No = LIN.Ord_No And HDR.Ord_Type = LIN.Ord_Type And
rtrim(ltrim(HDR.cus_no)) = '1070'

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