cannot open any programs in one account

thanks for your answer, but it didn't work.  i forgot to mention that whatever i try to open (either a program or cml or regedit or msconfig), a box opens and asks what program i want it to open with.  i have been working on this for days and its frustrating.  i appreciate your help, thank you.
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First, check for Image Hijacks with autoruns, as I suggested in your other thread.

If that doesn't do the trick, try this registry fix:

NOTE: you need to either follow the link above, then save the page to desktop via File > Save as, or you may right-click the link and choose "Save target as..."
In any case, you should end up with a exefix.reg file on your desktop or in your download folder.
You can then doubleclick the .reg file, or right-click and select "Merge". It will restore the .exe settings in your registry.

NOTE 2: as always, being cautious is a good idea in computer manipulations. Before doing the above, you may want to backup your current registry. By far the best tool for doing so is this one:

Try to delete your profile in XP and create a new one.

twobeaglegirlsAuthor Commented:
probably a stupid question to an expert, but what will happen to all of the
files, etc. in that account?  i am doing this for my grandson and i sure don't want
to lose his "stuff"!!!
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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Check computer with Antivirus software.

As allways, you should do a backup before doing any changes.
Copy the :\Documents and settings\"your grandsons profile"\ to a backup folder
or rename it. This assumes you are using an administrator account and your grandson
has an account of his own.

if torimars suggestion doesn't work then re-register the shell32.dll

regsvr32 shell32.dll
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