Javascript alert in content page not working

I am using a small class I found at
It allows me to set alerts from code behind.
The alert works great when it's not set in a content page.
What do I need to do to get it to work from a content page?

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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
I would imagine it is more of an issue with triggering from within an UpdatePanel rather than a simple Content section. In either case try replace page.ClientScript in the code with ScriptManager.
You can also use like this

string alert_Script = "<script language='javascript'>alert('Your document has been saved!')</script>";
ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.Page, this.GetType(), "AlertScript", alert_Script,false);

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SheritlwAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your response.
I am trying to figure out how to change the class to your suggestion, but am not sure on what some of the required parameters are.
What are the parameters I need to get the scriptmanager.registerclientscriptblock(???)


Public Shared Sub Show(ByVal message As String)
      ' Cleans the message to allow single quotation marks
      Dim cleanMessage As String = message.Replace("'", "\'")

      Dim script As String = "<script type=""text/javascript"">alert('" & cleanMessage & "');</script>"

      ' Gets the executing web page
      'Dim mPage As MasterPage = TryCast(HttpContext.Current.Handler, MasterPage)
      'Dim mMast = mPage.MasterPageFile
      Dim page As Page = TryCast(HttpContext.Current.CurrentHandler, Page)
      Dim scriptMan As ScriptManager = TryCast(HttpContext.Current.CurrentHandler, ScriptManager)

      ' Checks if the handler is a Page and that the script isn't allready on the Page
      If page IsNot Nothing AndAlso Not page.ClientScript.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered("alert") Then
         scriptMan.RegisterClientScriptBlock(page, GetType(Alert), "alert", script)
      End If
   End Sub

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SheritlwAuthor Commented:
Thank you both so MUCH!

It works.  

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