How to trace possible memory leak in ReportViewer 2010 control

I have a simple report that uses ReportViewer 2010 control and local report.
In the early morning, the report runs fine, but as the day progresses, performance degrades to terrible.

The web page renders filne except for the ReportViewer control.  

Any advice on tracing and dcoumenting the issue would be most appreciated.

Thank you.
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is the amount of memory in use increasing?  

you can investigate these things using SOS, adPlus and windbg - all highly involved I'm afraid.

Is this a third party control or your control?  
JEClark1Author Commented:
Amount of memory is increasing.

This is a Microsoft control, available here:

Thank youl
there seems to be talk of this issue, but they claim it is fixed in version 2010
JEClark1Author Commented:
These were good things to look at but the problem remained unresolved.  I am not going to rely on this control
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