Need help creating charts using pivot table data excel 2007

Hello experts

I am trying to re-create some charts to track progress on my project.  I want to be able to add data and for the charts to update themselves as more data is collected.

I have a picture of how the charts 'should' look from a previous exercise but i do not have the forumulas or pivot table know how to re-create for myself.

In my example, the All Data tab is updated with new rows each month. the next two tabs show a picture representation of what I would like to chart with the collected data (although the horizontal axis should show the month).  The charts are to track volume and time (month).

Can you help?

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weldonlamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"I want to be able to add data and for the charts to update themselves as more data is collected."

To do this, you can create a dynamic range using a formula and define the name of it.

For your case, it would be:

=All Data!$A$1:INDEX(All Data!!$1:$65374,COUNTA(All Data!!$A:$A),COUNTA(All Data!!$1:$1))

Let say I name this range to be called AllData. You then can refresh/create your chart/pivot by typing "=AllData" as the range. For pivot, it will be updated automatically once rows are increased. For chart you will need to right click Refresh.

Hope this helps

wisematAuthor Commented:
Thank you, putting it into an array was just what I was after.

You need a dynamic range.
1) Go Insert PivotTable
2) put Alldata in range
3) click ok

To update the pivot table or pivot chart after you add data.
Right click on the table and click refresh.

Please see the attached worksheet.

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