hidden data needs shown for export into excel - help!

I have a report that lists items purchased by various customer accounts.  To allow for a better user experience, I've suppressed duplicate data on repeated lines.  I've come to learn that a handful of our clients are going to need the ability to export that data as well.  With the report designed how it is, that would require a LOT of copy and pasting (or a nasty formula in Excel) to fill in the gaps.  Look at the included screen shot.  It shows how I only list the customer name once on the report per order.  By the way, banding exists on this report; any gray backgrounds only represent a change in the customer record.

snapshot of data displayed on the report
Is there a way to have the report export the data as if I had never turned on the "Suppress Duplicate Records" feature?  In other words, can I have the report conditionally skip that feature if it's being exported?   ....I'm also open to alternative strategies with this too.  

Thanks everyone!
- Travis
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How do you export the report?

I have seen reports written that had an ExportToEXCEL parameter.  It was used to control visibility of sections when the report was to be exported to Excel.

Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet SoftwareCommented:
There is a possible alternative strategy, but first please explain what process is responsible for delivering the excel file.  Manual export by the user or an automated export process?  
trs28Author Commented:
Right now there is no process in place to do the exporting.  Our VP has the files & gave it a test shot by manually exporting it via Crystal.
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Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet SoftwareCommented:
What is the desired process: manual or automated?  If manual, than go with mlmcc suggestion.  A parameter can control whether or not you suppress the repeated info.
trs28Author Commented:
It's a little bit cruder than I would have liked, but it did solve my problem in no time flat.  ....so I decided to roll with it.  Thanks for the help!
If you hit the Crystal Viewer export button, there is nothing you can really do since it doesn't reprompt for parameters.

You could have the users do a REFRESH and choose the export parameters then after it is previewed export it.

If you were to write your own application to do the viewing and exporting you could control the export through code.

There are third-party tools that can do this for you

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