Citrix RAM on a 32 bit OS

Is there any point having more than 4 GB on a 32 bit windows OS (Windows 2008 Standard) running Citrix XenApp?
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Carl WebsterCommented:
Windows 2008 Standard 32-bit can't access more than 4GB of RAM.  Any additional RAM would be a waste of money.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Exactly what Carl said.
If you change the OS to Enterprise you can access extra RAM via Physical Address Extension (PAE). Watch out for the "free system page table entries" value dipping too low - basically you can have plenty of free RAM but the memory manager runs out of resources, causing the server to die in interesting ways.
I've not done this using Server 2008, but with Server 2003 Enterprise 32-bit I found that in my environment I could get away with 8, 12 and 16GB in a server, but ones with 24GB hit the free system PTEs issue. So I decided to use XenServer and now run three VMs with 7.5GB each on a host with 24GB RAM.
For most people I suspect the cost of Enterprise editions of Windows vs Standard would be prohibitive.
Just upgrade to 64-bit, might be easier than you think... (or might be a complete pain!)
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