Manage Microsoft SQL 2005 R2 on a Windows 2008 server from a Windows 7 workstation

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I want to monitor and manage my SQL 2005 and 2008 backups from a Windows 2007 workstation. How do I get to the management studio from a workstation to do maintenance?
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If I understand you correctly, by maintenance you mean that you want to do things like automated backups, rebuild indexes, etc? Those services would typically be run by the SQL Server Agent sitting on the server running the SQL Server instances in question.

Setting up client tools
What you can very easily do is to connect to the SQL Server instance on the server... from your windows 7. The maintenance tasks that you would create this way would reside on the Win2008 database server, and the SQL Server Agent would take care of running these jobs... not from your machine... but from the server. The SQL Server Mgmt Studio just gives you a window into the server that you can peek through from any other machine on your network (you just need to setup the SQL Server Management studio on your computer)

SQL Server Agent
You cannot have these jobs scheduled to run from your computer, in a sense, since the SQL Server Agent is residing on the Win2008 server. What you can do from your machine is to define (i.e. create & modify) these maintenance tasks by connecting to the SQL Server instances remotely from your machine, and the SQL Server would run these tasks from the server itself... hope am making sense....

However, you do have alternative options. You can use SQL Server Integration Services to define those database maintenance tasks and then you just run that SSIS Package from your computer.

...something along those lines... hope this sheds more light.

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