Blowfish decryption in C

In C (linux), I am pulling a Blowfish encoded string from the database. I know the "passphrase" and obviously I have the encoded string. Can I use the crypto libraries to decode this string?

I've tried decrypting from the command line using openssl but I have been unsuccessful. Strangely enough, I found an online tool which uses the the crypt_blowfish class of the PEAR project and this does decode my string successfully. That tool is:

A little guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Sure you can use libssl for decryption. Have you seen the examples? Have you written some code to try out?
merimaxAuthor Commented:
Well, at this point I can't even get the openssl command line routines to decrypt the string. Since I can get the tool to decrypt the string then I realize I am missing something pretty obvious.
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merimaxAuthor Commented:
Ok. I am able to get this to work the way I want in PHP. Could someone offer some suggestions on how to convert this to C using the openssl blowfish libraries. I have tried several different combinations of openssl blowfish routines and I keep going around in circles. Anyway this is how I got it to work in PHP....

$p="password.sample" ;
$i="MCtwzLQuwdQdhwhciKlhORtKO5K8g8HhA7JGMfpxs41Wtct7lVwHKw==" ;
$blowfish = new Crypt_Blowfish($p);
$output = $blowfish->decrypt(base64_decode($i));
here is list of blowfish libraries are available,you can download one and compile and run
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