Is there a query that can run from a database to view the password policy?


I have inherited a project for auditing to pull information on SQL users password expiration policy. Right now they believe it's 30 days and want to set it to 90 days. Is there a query that I can run to select this information?

No server access, I can't connect via PuTTy or RDP. I can only connect via SQL.
Group policy is set for 90 days on all the other servers, this may not be communicating correctly to the GP?

I'll be on all day as no one that would be able to help me directly in the office is here, and if you need more information I can provide that to the best of my ability.
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OK. I saw you posted in the SQL server zone too. I'll asume you are looking for SQL Server.

Here's what you are looking for :

Now that's cool ! How about telling us which database and version of it you use ?

Joshua_MAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the link, I did find the last little bit of the answer I was looking for through another link there.
I didn't realize SQL used the group policy or the servers local security settings.
Welcome. SQL Server 2005 changed lots of features... 2008 is more dba-friendly once you know 2005.

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