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I have an Excel workbook with several sheets (as usual)
I'd like to export just part of one sheet and save the output as a CSV file.  I'd even be okay with simply exporting the entire sheet.
However, the only way I've found to export is to Save As, which gives the usual warnings about losing formatting and not being compatible, etc.
Also, after I save-as, it changes the name of the workbook to the CSV file (and I'm not sure what happens if I forgot to save the rest of the document first since it only saves the current sheet.)

So how do I simply export some data from the sheet and save it to a new file.
Yes, I could use VBA to handle that, but I'm hoping that I simply missed something simple.
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The simplest way is to right-click on the tab you want to save as a CSV and choose Move or Copy, and then set To Book: to (new book) and click the Create a Copy check box.

This will copy the tab you want to a separate sheet that you can then save as a CSV.
rspahitzAuthor Commented:
Hey!  That works great!  Thanks :)
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