Optimize Flash Website for Speed? PLEASE HELP!!

My boss is very concerned about the loading speed of yoglimogli.com. I need your help to make it load faster. I understand that flash takes a bit longer to load, but I truly don't feel like it should take this long.

I called godaddy, which is hosting the site, and he took a look at the results on hosttracker.com. Apparently, on 34 servers, the longest loading time was 0.6seconds in Moscow...whatever that means. This cannot be true, however, because my boss says that it takes a full minute to load on his computer, and while it is not that bad on mine, it seems to be getting progressively worse.

I attempted making a loading percentage show up, but clearly that isn't working either, as it jumps back and forth from 1-10, but never any higher than 10%

My research shows that I imported images into flash incorrectly. For example, I imported it as is, and then just brought the size down to fit my needs. This process was used on the locations page. Now that I have re-sized the images correctly, it actually brought the websites file size from 4.8MB  to 1.2MB. Is this file still incredibly large? Should it be taking this long to load? Is my code in need of optimizing? PLEASE HELP!

In the meantime, I will be creating a more attractive loading bar, but

Also, when you look at the site, please let me know if the navigation is usable. Apparently, the buttons are not working on several PC's as well.

Thank you in advance,

Please let me know if you need the original files.

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You are in the right direction, try to remove all embed images and loading dynamically.
It will save time to load your SWF file. And when user will get your file and runs in the browser you will able to loading all your images and show nice preloader.
Same story for embedded fonts and audio or videos.

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hi  yeah there's definitely something odd with your preloader. something I did recently when I had to create a preloader for a legacy AS2 file.

I just created a new Swf file.load the main.swf - what happens then is your preloader shows up quickly (it still doesn't make your files smaller)

are you doing this in AS2 or AS3?
Hi Kae,

Well done on your site, it's a lot of fun and just the right visual style for the subject! I can tell that a lot of work has gone into it.

The file size being 1.2MBs isn't the end of the world but it's probably bigger than most people would like.

@dgofman is right when he says that your images should be external and loaded on demand but your initial thoughts about looking at the images before import is just as valid.

Loading images dynamically is a more advanced technique which can cause you as many problems as it will solve its not done correctly.

Having looked at the site, your images do seem to be larger in size than you need which is going to be your main problem. Open them in Photoshop, ensure that they are 72dpi and RGB. Then crop them (using the "Image Size" panel) to the actual size you need to use them. Finally, use the "File > Save for web" option to export a fully optimised image.

I notice that your video is already external so no problems there.

I can also confirm that your navigation seems to work perfectly (I'm on a Mac using Safari).

Let us know how you get on.
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kaemac21Author Commented:
hello all and thanks for responding!

yes, I have done this and while it made a huge difference in the file size, it did not make a difference in the loading time. I will keep looking for over-sized images, though.

I am doing this in as3, but I positive that my code is not as consolidated as it could be. Does repetition and the length of code make a difference in loading time? I suppose that could be the issue. Also, I will be working on my preloader to make it an image rather than numbers, but I suppose I may run into the same problem.

Thank you. I didn't think that 1.2MB was THAT big but I'm gong to do my best to bring the size down a bit. The process that you've suggested for adjusting the file size is exactly what I tried earlier, and it certainly helped the size, just not the speed. I'm glad you brought up the videos, though. The one on the franchise page is a full 49.8MB! Even though it is external, wouldn't that affect the loading time in some way? I made it an FLV which brings it down to 27.9MB, but now it wont play at all. Then, when I switched back to the mov file, there was no sound! It just keeps getting worse.

Do I need to upload my file and/or code? Would that help?

Thanks again,

All answers are correct they are pointing to my original first answer :)
Dgof should get the point really.
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