Creating a second Subnet speciffically for Wireless users

I have a class C subnet at my office. x.x.10.1 through x.x.10.100 are reserved for Static. 101 through 250 are all of the DHCP IPs. Unfortunately my company has grwon enough to where we are maxing out every week. I do not want to switch to a class B but would rather try to created a second subnet on my LAN specifically for the wireless clients. What would be the best and easiest way to manage this? Info on my LAN is:

Server 2008 DC/DHCP
Class C subnet
Cisco Aironet 1200 series Access Points

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Vinchenzo-the-SecondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the 5308 is a layer 3 switch.  Just create a new vlan on the switch, and just change the 3rd octect i.e
current vlan   192.168.10.x /24
New vlan 192.168.11.x /24

The switch will do all the routing between vlans/subnets.
I am assuming you are using a /24 subnet (  Just create another subnet on your network 192.168.11.x. To communicate to this subnet you will have to go through a layer 3 device (router).   Can you tell me what network switches you have?
braineater13Author Commented:
yes, /24. HP Procurve 5308xl and 4108gl

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