Citrix Server Database errors "Summary database import" and "Server Metric Alerts"

I have a Citrix Server and have been getting two constant errors " Summary database import" and "Server metric alerts". In addition my Citrix Servers seem to be loosing conection to the Citrix Farm. I am very new to Citrix.
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mimi6464Author Commented:
Also, I read one of the knowledge based articles that stated the following:

I've seen errors like this before and they were resolved by re-installing the hotfix rollup pack. You may need to do it on each of your servers, starting with the database connection server. You can also try re-creating the local host cache files - do the following commands in order

net stop imaservice
dsmaint recreatelhc
net start imaservice

Will these services interrup the users currently loged  on the Citrix Server ?
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
You certainly wouldn't want to (re)install a hotfix rollup with users logged on. As for stopping the IMA Service, I have a feeling you can, but personally I wouldn't. I don't consider it to be good practice to mess around with servers whilst users are working on them :-) (though I understand that sometimes you have to, the trick is knowing what's safe to fiddle with and what to leave until you've got the box to yourself! IMA for me falls into the former category)
mimi6464Author Commented:
What would you recommend?
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Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Do what you suggested in your second post, but get the users off first.
First of all restarting IMA service will not affect the existing users who are connected. But do this when there are less users. Because restarting IMA service may sometimes get hung in "starting" state. In such cases, you need to forcefully terminate using the command like task kill with /f.

Yes, you do get such import alerts if LHC is corrupt (assuming nothing is wrong with connections) and you can try recreating them.

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Did you find the solution to this problem? please share!!! :)
mimi6464Author Commented:
Thank you I was able to resolved after I restarted the services :)
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