WD Sharespace issue: Volume failed on 1tb per disk setup


Realising that our WD Sharespace was approaching 80% capacity we decided to buy two new disks (WD Green Caviar) and stayed with the same 1TB per disk size after reading issues on the net.  

Turned off machine, plugged both new drives in, restarted and the machine read a volume failure on drive 2 (original drive).  Disk set up as a SPAN so no redundancies in place to reload from but data appears fine just the volume has failed, presumed corrupted.

Any ideas on how to rebuild the volume without losing any data or formatting as the web interface for operating the Sharespace is less than satisfactory.  Alternatively any ideas on how to recover data fully from disk?

Any help would be most appreciated!
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DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
Assuming you checked the cables, controller, power, (and perhaps plugged everything into a different computer to insure 100% replacement), then your only practical course of action is to contact a data recovery firm.  For around 500GBP you can likely have 100% recovery.

If your data is worth that much to you, then turn it all off.  Every moment the disks are spinning could result in further damage.  

The problem is that the rebuild was not complete when drive #2 failed.  With RAID0, your data is interleaved between both disks. So it isn't as if one file gets on drive 1 and the other goes on drive 2., It is PART of file goes on drive 1, then another part on drive 2 then another on drive 1 next to where the other part was, and so on.

Leave this to a professional.  This is a job for a cleanroom and people in the bunny suits.
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