Keepass AutoFill in Internet Explorer?

Is there a way for Keepass to auto-prompt when it reaches a web site with a web form in Internet Explorer?

For example with roboform, the program will automatically open with applicable logins when it reaches a form.  Is there something similar with Keepass?

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b1dupreeAuthor Commented:
Here's the key info here:

I have found that in order to use the auto-logon feature in KeePass that you have to have the link to the logon page copied into the provided space of that particular site you have stored in KeePass.

When you have KeePass open and click the link to the site you wish to log into to then you can use the keyboard combination you setup to auto-fill the username/password fields.

It sounds like it is complicated but it is not once you use this feature a couple of times. Not as polished as Roboform.

Honestly if you are looking for the easiest Password manager for general use and online then IMO go with Roboform.

Roboform works with Fx just fine and ease of use can not IMO be beat. The free version limits the user to a certain amount of passwords but the paid version has no restrictions.
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