Windows 7: Inaccessible Dialog, Popup windows

This is now happening on multiple computers in different applications.  The problem is that the users will do something such as click on a save button.  Prior to saving a dialog box should popup and allow them to confirm the saving procedure.  This dialog never becomes visible and the program appears to be locked since the user can no longer interract with it, because it is waiting for user input in a window that is visible to the user.

Both computers this is occuring on are running Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

Any ideas on how to access the hidden popup? or how to prevent this problem from happening in the future?

Right now our only course of action is to end task the program and try again; however, this has led to the loss of several hours of work.
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If you are using a redirected policy, you will need to go into each application and point the save file default location either to C:\ or a mapped drive. UNC path will be automatically set by default when a folder redirection policy is used.
Check your UAC (User Account Control settings)
Reduce the security on it and see what happens.

1. Goto Control Panel
2. Goto User Accounts and Family Safety
3. Click on User Accounts
4. Click on user Account Control Settings.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
most dialog boxes should remember their last location, and this is generally in the registry. So, if they are popping up in an area that is not on the visible screen area, then there are a couple of reasons for this.  Either the registry is corrupt, or they are running a different resolution or screen layout than the one put in as part of a  build image, for instance.

As a workaround, you could try having them temporarily go to the maximum resolution that their system can support, to see if they can now see the dialog box.  If they can, have them move it back to a more accessible spot on the screen before dealing with it.  

One other alternative would be to update their display driver in case this is a bug that's been fixed already.

Finally, there can be options in the display driver (or third party softs) to force a dialog box to appear in the centre of the screen.  If you let us know what display card you have we can investigate.  
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VoodooFrogAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, this isn't happening to me on my system, so its difficult for me to get feedback.  And it does not happen all of the time either.

I do not know if this would change any of your suggestions, however, I found a MS KB article that describes a very similar scenario to what is occuring on these two systems.

The difference with my situation is that we are not remoting into a computer when this is happening.
What application are your users trying to save from?
What is the location are your users trying to save to?
Have they tried using the "Alt-Tab" key combination to bring the windows into active view?
VoodooFrogAuthor Commented:
It isn't a Windows standard save dialog that is causing the issue, or rather they are not saving a file to a folder.  These are dialog boxes that the application uses to confirm changes, etc. For example, one Dialog that we cannot access simply would have yes/no buttons and say something to the effect of "Are you sure you want to make these changes?"  

We have tried Alt-Tab and Windows-Tab without getting anything. One application is PeachTree and another is Surfcam.
Is this behavior being displayed after the users got new PC's? If the software was not written for Win7 64bit, you may need to run the software in compatablity mode or get an updated version of the software from the publisher.
VoodooFrogAuthor Commented:
Both softwares list that they are compatible with Win7 64bit.
DEPDid you happen to turn off Data Execution Prevention?
If not, give it a try...
VoodooFrogAuthor Commented:
DEP does not seem affect the issue.

One user did find that if they press Alt as soon as it happens (without first clicking on another window in the program), then the popup will appear in the foreground.

If noone has a better idea how to fix this or prevent it from happening I will close this question.

You may want to check with the publishers.
Peachtree software indicates that unless you are running 2010 SP1 you are not natively supported on Windows 7.
Surfcam, if it is the CAD software... Does not provide informetion inless you have a login to the website.
Chances are if you have "older" versions of software, there are at least service packs available which may offer better compat with Win7.

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VoodooFrogAuthor Commented:
Well I know we are up to date with the Surfcam.  We will double check if we have SP1 for Peachtree installed.

Thank you for looking into it!
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