How to enable Single on for Cognos 8.4 running websphere 6.1 using servlet gateway?

Please provide me documentation for enabling single for Cognos 8.4 running on IBM websphere 6.1 via servlet gateway. The requirement is user to login in web application (jsp/servlet) and click on report link. The link should take to cognos without prompting for userid and password to login in Cognos to run reports
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mb2009Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I configured LTPA token on websphere to enable single singon by LTPA. Then added form based authentication details in web.xml of servlet gateway. The LDAP was already configured. And it worked
I'm not sure on the websphere side but have you tried single sign on option in Cognos configuration?
mb2009Author Commented:
No. I have not tried.
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Okay then try single signon first in Cognos.
Open cognos configuration.
You should have active directory or LDAP authentication source added in addition to Cognos.
Click on the active directory authentication source.
In the properties, click on 'Advanced properties'.
Then click on 'Add'.
For name, add singleSignonOption.
Make sure to enter exactly as case is sensitive.
For value, add IdentityMapping

Click OK, save configuration and restart Cognos services.
mb2009Author Commented:
Mine is ldap. Same configuration applies .
? The way I tried is configured single sign on using cognos connection and then exported as servletgateway.war file. Deployed the war on the server where cognos is running on other env.
It may not apply to that then.
Here is a portion from cognos administration and security guide.
That document has detailed information on how to configure websphere with cognos:

Enable Single Signon for WebSphere Portal Using the Application Server
The Portal Services portlets can use the Active Credentials objects provided by WebSphere® Portal
to connect to IBM® Cognos® components. Portal Services supports the following Active Credentials
objects: HttpBasicAuth, LtpaToken, SiteMinderToken, and WebSealToken.
Credentials for the portal user are passed to the gateway using this object. For more information
about Active Credential objects, see the documentation for IBM WebSphere Portal.
To use application server single signon, see the documentation for IBM WebSphere Application
For information about SSL for IBM Cognos components on a WebSphere Application Server, see
the topic about enabling SSL in the application server chapter of the Installation and Configuration

mb2009Author Commented:
This worked
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