DNS problem

I have a DNS issue that i cannot resolve:

I have two location running over MPLS network

Location #1

10.228.22.x (dns & server address)
DNS Server
ISS Intranet Server

From this location i can resolve 'server' both at the browser line and by pinging

Location #2

10.228.24.x (dns & server address)
DNS Server

From the server at this location ( i can resolve 'server' both at the browser line and by pinging.
I cannot resolve 'server' or ping 'server' from the workstations. i can ping server.hunter.local. The workstations
not logging into a domain.

How do i setup my DNS at location #2 so i can go to the address line in the browser and type 'server' and see the

website located at
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CGretskiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your workstation's dns search domain/suffix needs to be set to hunter.local
you can do this on the network adapter's settings or by changing the machine's primary DNS suffix ( under "more" in the change computer name screen )

Alternatively ( and by far the easiest ) is to set it using DHCP.  It is option number 15 (DNS domain name)
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