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I have a little issue at work and hope you guys can help me to solve it.  Once in a while, several users couldn't connect to file server.  When users try to click on network drive, it fails.  I try to ping server by name, it fails, but by IP it went through.  All others servers by names all went through.  I then issue command "net stop dnscache" and ping that server by name again, it went through.  And users can get back the network drive.  DNS server works fine.  This happens on both Xp and windows 7.  Do you know any way to solve it globally?
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Have you cleared the DNS cache on your domain controllers?

   ipconfig /flushdns
bluechip99Author Commented:
I did, but still happens on workstation once in a while
A couple of things to check:
Is the file server multihomed or is there an entry in the event viewer about multiple stations with that IP address on the network?

Is there  a WINS server on the network?  Is the NETBIOS name correct?

Is there a DNS entry for that file server in a different zone on the DNS server?

Are there hosts or lmhosts entries on the clients?

Is there something being issued in a DHCP scope about the fileserver?  Is it correct?

(It does not fix the root of the problem, but you could do the mapping with the IP instead of the server name.)

If everything above is correct, to troubleshoot lets start with the clients.  What node type are they?  Hybrid?  If unsure, do an 'ipconfig /all' and read it from there.  The node type will tell you the method the client uses to resolve addresses and we can start there.
bluechip99Author Commented:
Hi Lee,
It is multihomed
Netbios is correct
Entry is in different zone in DNS server
NO entries in host or lmhost
server has static IP, no DHCP involved
Client is in hybrid
DSN query has been tested from client and it works fine, just once in a while have to use net stop dnscache command.  I am running out of idea on how to solve this issue.
Are the clients mapping or accessing by hostname or by DNS name?  What is the domain type, i.e. WinNT, Win2003, Win2008, etc?

Hybrid mode name resolution uses the following order:
NetBIOS name cache - Standard
WINS (3 attempts) - Standard
NetBIOS b-node broadcast - Standard
lmhosts file - Specific.
hosts file - Specific.
DNS - Specific. Request sent at 5, 10, 20, 40, 5, 10, and 20 seconds.

Once a resolution succeeds no others are tried, but other resolution can change your arp entries on the clients, so you have to make sure your WINS/DNS are correct as far as what the clients are seeing and not being changed/updated by the file server itself.
Since it is multi-homed:
Are both subnets accessible from the client's subnet?  I assume 'no' because sometimes the clients fail to connect.
Are both IP's in DNS?  Probably, so open your 'Advanced TCP/IP Settings' and on the 'DNS' tab remove the check mark for "Register this connection's addresses in DNS".  Then, go to the DNS server used by the clients and create a static entry in their zone for the IP that is in the client's subnet.  Make sure to remove the others.

If there are two entries in WINS, delete the one not in their subnet.

I am indicating some significant changes to the name resolution on your network, so please do not execute if you are uncomfortable with this or maybe try these settings in an off-hours period, so you can change them back before negatively impacting users.  I say this because I can not see your network setup to note any obvious red flags.

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