Sharepoint 2010 - MS Office 2010 Web Apps - Word 2010 Template

We've create some letterheard editable templates (.dotx), and uploaded them to a Sharepoint 2010 document library.
The users don't have Office 2010 on their desktops,.... so we had MS Office 2010 Web Apps installed on the Sharepoint 2010 server.

When we try to "edit in browser" we get the attached popup (Document-protection.JPG)

So,.....I opened the document locally in Word 2010, went to Review > Restrict Editing > Stop Protection

When I reuploaded the document after stopping protection I got this view of the document when I opened it up in "edit in browser" mode (UnrestrictedView.JPG)  ....which does not look like anything at all like the letterhead template.

Anyone know why this might me happening?  
I would like to ultimately like to tab thru the letter template, add name/address/zip etc to the letter and print it.

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so sounds like you are using a word template which is what you would do in a file share but what you do in sharepoint would be to publish a content type. Then all your user would have to do is click new document from the ribbon and it will open your word template for editing in the browser.
A decent write up on this is done here:

Its for 2007 but the concept and process is the same for 2010.
Chuck_aaAuthor Commented:
Hi sharepointguru,

Thanks for the advice and link!  I'm checking it out now and will let you know shortly.
Do you know if the documnnts have to be 'unlocked' or Enforcing Protection to OFF?  
Because the designer told me this option will disable the ability to tab thru the forms....

without having specifics I can say for sure but I do not think you need to turn it off.
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Chuck_aaAuthor Commented:
Hi sharepointguru,

From speaking with the designer, the document has no macros or programming.

It's simply an envelope template with Name Address City Zip fields, that I can tab thru when opening in Word 2010 on my desktop.

I've tried the instructions on the link, used document, and created a custom type for the library (browsed uploaded the template itself), and use it when uploading these type of templates.  However the "edit in browser" button is still grey, and I'm not able to tab thru the fields.

the template is a .dotx type, fyi.

Chuck_aaAuthor Commented:
Hi Sharepoint Guru,

I watched th vid 
at the end of the steps too, and after they made all the settings in SP2007, the went to "Edit Document" and they didn't edit in the Web App, but on their local Desktop Version !!??!!   ug

So I guess ultimately I need to find out if the "light editing in Web Apps" means you can actually fill out form fields, or if you actually have to open it with your desktop copy of MS Office 2010 ! ?

Chuck_aaAuthor Commented:
Hi Sharepoint Guru,

I'm beginning to think the only document type that is actually editable in Word 2010 Web Apps is a (.docx)

When I upload a (.dotx) the "edit in browser" button turns grey !!

And when I add a " name" field (for instance) in the document and save as .docx, and upload to sharepoint and "edit in browser" I get the
[Content Control]
tag where the name editing box should be!!

Do you think this is the 'limited' functionality MS has provided in Web Apps Word?

I believe that the word web app can view but not edit .dotx files. I will have to confirm though. Couldn't you just use a docx version of the template as the content type? The content type would be locked down so that your users can't change it and then they can open it in the browser.

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Chuck_aaAuthor Commented:
Yep, that does seem to be the <unfortunate> case, no .DOTX editing in web apps <sigh>

So surprized to find out how weak Office Web Apps really is.....
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