Spring MVC Annotations issue

   I am having some problems with getting Spring MVC annotations to work.
I tried to attach a small eclipse project that contains the problematic code.
The attachment is a ZIP file, but I had to eliminate the eclipse project specific files.
So I attached a word doc that shows the project properties.
I had to rename the files with a TXT extention  *.properties files, *.jsp and manifest.MF.
I also had to eliminate the spring jars, but put place holders for the libs.

I am using :
Spring 2.5.6
Java 6
Dynamic web module = 2.4
Tomcat 7 / JBoss 5.0.1

Everytime I try to access the JSP in the example I get a 404 page. I have tried this on JBoss and Tomcat. The interesting thing is that when I try the example using no annotations (using spring xml config) the code works fine.

Hope someone can help.
Thank you,

 spring-mvc-annotation.zip Project-props.doc
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Brian4466Author Commented:
I found the answer -- snowdrop
Brian4466Author Commented:
JBoss does not play well with Spring in some web apps. Hence the snowdrop project.
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