Do I have to delete log files in passive node to manually reseed exchange 2007 database on a CCR?

I am going to reseed a database manually by copying it from my active node to my passive node (reseeding using the update-storagegroupcopy process did not work, replication still fails). I have a question though: why, when using update-storagegroupcopy, do I have to delete the log and chk files from the passive node, but not when I perform a manual reseed? just curious. Thank you.
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes everything goes in fact :)

Just keep the root folder not to have a headache with the permissions
when you use the update-storagegroupcopy cmdlet exchange does not accept to start the process untill all old log files are deleted,

when you do the process manually exchange cannot force you to delete them however the old log files will just be ignored and will sit on your disk eating your space so you are better off deleting them manually in all cases

cyberleo2000Author Commented:
It would have been nice if Microsoft would say that in their website "hey, remember to delete those old log files since they are now useless' :)


btw: I'm guessing the chk files go as well?
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