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GigE Vision - how to start ?


We are considering getting into this subject.
We need to Write SW that collects pictures coming from a Camera via GigE Vision protocol.

Does anybody know where to start from ?
How many months should it take for a smart developer (but un-familiar with the subject) to do the job ?
What do we need to do ?

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 The research I just did into the GigE vision protocol tells me that this is not a simple question to answer.  The software you intend to write, is it intended to be open source?  If so, you would have a hard time using GigE vision as the licensing of the protocol forbids showing the source that accesses the protocol.  You could develop a DLL that is NOT open source and uses a, clearly, different set of access methods.  This would allow you to make the main source of the project open source without the need to give out the source code that would break the license agreement.

  You should keep in mind that many hardware manufacturers implementing this standard will likely not implement it to the same level.  Portions that work well on one set of hardware may have limited, or no functionality, on other hardware.

  In order to get your hands on the standard you must sign a non-disclosure agreement.  Once this is done and you have had time to study the standard then you would need time to experiment with the hardware and find out how compatible each is to the standard.  Developing the software to access the information stream should not be overly difficult.  Testing with the myriad of hardware could be time consuming.

  I would start with a "proof of concept" project.  This would involve having a corporate officer sign the non disclosure agreement.  Once that is done you will need to study the protocol.  It is based on the IP protocol.  Many programming languages have tools for working with TCP/IP so it should not be too difficult to get the communications started.  In this proof of concept project I would pick a small group of hardware to test with (maybe one to three devices).  This line of work would normally be considered Research and Development, that type of work that is expected to cost money while providing possible benefits or information.

  I would expect to have results in under 3 months personally, but I have not seen the specifications.

  There are a lot of decisions to be made on your end now.  Once the company has decided to go ahead with the proof of concept project, chosen the test equipment, you have studied the protocol, and have started an implementation... then, if you have more specific questions about how to accomplish some aspect of the communications, I would come back to EE with those questions.  Remember that experts on this site are unlikely to have access to the protocol themselves.  In that type of situation I would couch the question in a simple example of IP communications with some generic device like... a network printer maybe?  This way you can get the technical question answered without the need of breaching the license agreement, or making the experts sign on to the project with you.

I hope this has been a help, here are a couple of links I found:

Here is where to get the protocol
zmauAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot
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