How do I delete a random NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory that is in use?

On one of our AD servers (Server 2003), we house our company Public directory.  We have a folder that was filled with IT utilities that I am trying to move to another server.  Everything moved except a single subfolder called Test with no files or hidden files that I can see.

When I try to delete the folder, I get the message "Cannot delete DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory: It is being used by another person or program."  That folder should not be in the Public directory.

How do I know it is safe to get rid of and how do I get rid of it?
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Two things I can think of:

On the server where that folder resides, make sure there are no other users accessing it. You can check in the shared files MMC snap-in.

Second, you might have a process that writes info to this directory, maybe log files o something. Scheduled tasks or some such. Make sure these are closed or pointed elsewhere.

Lastly, there is a GREAT tool I use call Unlocker: it's sole purpose is to remove file locks so you can move/delete troublesome files/folders.
The "DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory" is the name of the folder used by FRS to store partial files it pulls from an upstream partner. When the file/folder is transferred complitly from the partner it's moved to the target location in the SYSVOL replica tree.

I guess since you have this folder, this is a DC?

Do you have the folder here: \\\SYSVOL\domain\DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory?

If it's present you can try to stop the FRS service, move the folder to a temp folder on the same disk, start FRS. Verify that FRS is running ok (create an empty text file and place it in the sysvol. Is it replicated to its partners?)
tjking45Author Commented:
I used ragnarok89's solution before I got to try snusgubben's solution.  I think snusgubben's solution was tailored more to the problem but ragnarok89's suggestion, the Unlocker tool, was a great quick fix.
Lets just hope this doesn't screw your FRS :)
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