sound stopped working in W7 Ult: Zune software, WMP

I'm running W7 Utlimate 64 on a Dell Inspiron desktop.  WMA, MP3 files (podcasts, ripped music) no longer play in either Windows Media Player nor Zune desktop software (to be clear, I don't have a Zune portable).  I can play these MP3s over the network on other computers, so the files are fine.  Files play on my Android phone.  The Zune software player acts as if it thinks it is playing an MP3.  You can see the scrub bar progress, and the animate spectrum analyzer work.

System sounds, Streaming browser media (audio, video) sound just fine.  Cable TV sounds fine in the Media Center.
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TommySzalapskiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't have Zune, but I can tell you how to do it in WMP and maybe you can use that to get both. I'm running WMP 12 but all the recent versions work in a similar way.
In WMP Click Tools->Options (if you don't see 'Tools' press the Alt key on the keyboard)
Then click on the 'Devices' tab.
Double click 'Speakers' and it should show you which device it is trying to use.
Click the dropdown to try a different one.

Zune should be similar
Kenneth BrownConnect With a Mentor Research AssociateCommented:
Check what audio output device wmp and the other non-working app is attempting to use. Some other app might already be using that device...
eg in my experience, if I run say 'chainer' with its (asio4all) output set to device say 'realtek audio out' , then that device is subsequently no longer available to wmp. This is even if the device in question is not set to 'exclusive mode' in the advanced audio settings. Conversely, asio4all would indicate if a device is unavailable due to being already 'used' by something, unfortunately wont indicate what app is actually using that device.
pcrequestAuthor Commented:
How do I check/configure which audio device a particular program uses? (please be specific)

If I click on the volume control (Speakers) in Notification Area, then Mixer, I see separate volumes for all the open programs that work.  I don't see controls for the open programs that don't work (Zune, WMP).
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pcrequestAuthor Commented:
Egads.  Not exactly sure what I did, but it's fixed now. In mixer, I clicked my device, Advanced tab, changed default format to something different, then clicked Restore Defaults (that button greyed out before change) to reset it.  So I was already using defaults.  I tested and stuff's working again. Wonky drivers? Updated driver no detected in Windows Update.  I'll just leave things be, since they're working now.
That's actually often a good fix for things. It's almost like rebooting. Turn a setting off and back on and it 'remembers' that it's supposed to be on. Glad to hear you got it working.
pcrequestAuthor Commented:
I partially figured out the solution on my own.
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